Thank you for your support and interest in Gooseneck Vineyards wines.

Here at Gooseneck Vineyards, we are committed to giving back to our community.
We receive a large number of donations requests and we hope you can support us, as much as we want to support you.
Please follow the donation guidelines below.

If you are interested in requesting a donation, please email us at with the subject line of – DONATION REQUEST – including the following information:

  • Title and date of your event
  • What you’re looking for in a donation
  • ~250 words about why you’ve chosen us! We’d love to hear about how Gooseneck Vineyards is a part of your daily life and what store you usually buy Gooseneck Vineyards wines in


A few things to keep in mind:

a. Requests that do not contain above information will not be considered.
b. We are unlikely to consider any request for monetary donations.
c. Product donated by Gooseneck Vineyards may not be sold for profit and must be used by the recipient organization to fulfill its charitable mission.
d. Requests must support a 501 (c) (3) charity, educational institution, a non-profit organization or charitable cause.
e. Use of the Gooseneck Vineyards’ name and logo for the event must be approved by Gooseneck Vineyards.