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Gooseneck Vineyards

Brut Rosé

Porcelain pink color, delicate notes of summer fruits wrapped in the whispers of freshly baked pastries.

Our Gooseneck Vineyards Brut Rose’s porcelain pink color has the delicate notes of flavorful summer fruits, wrapped in the whispers of freshly baked pastries. The palate flavors are supple and balanced between red fruits and exquisite wild flowers. The finish is an elegant finesse, indulging into the sensations of lingering summer breezes and voluptuous insolence.

This traditional Italian sparkling wine is handcrafted with the traditions of a 4th generation winemaking family. Its fortunate location within the “Grave di Papadopoli”, an entirely unique island on the River Piave just north of Treviso, allow us to make the very best of the soil and climate conditions of this strip of land which is widely known as being ideal for grape growing and for giving truly inimitable flavors and fragrances to the wine. The glera and pinot noir grapes are grown, harvested and vinified separately in order to value their varietal features to their fullest expression. Only at the later stages are the two grapes blended, as the cellar master seeks suppleness and structure with the precision of freshness. Once the cuvee is obtained, it undergoes a second fermentation, after which it is subjected to cold stabilization and filtering prior to bottling.

Superb as an aperitif. Well worth trying with appetizers, fish starters and steamed seafood. Also marries nicely to white protein dishes and fresh vegetables. A perfect pair to any convivial event.

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