Gooseneck Vineyards

Wickford White

This Portuguese Vinho Verde has a feminine shape of flavors and the bubbly personality to accompany it. Making it the quintessential partner to what we cherish.

Gooseneck Vineyards found inspiration in crafting a wine tailor-made for the seafood delights and vibrant ambiance of our beloved New England shores. This Portuguese Vinho Verde boasts a delicate fusion of flavors, complemented by its effervescent character, making it the ideal companion to our cherished coastal experiences.

Vinho Verde originates in the picturesque landscapes of Northern Portugal. The Vinho Verde wines are cherished for its vibrant acidity, delicate effervescence, and modest alcohol content – qualities that make it a delightful companion for sun-kissed New England summers.
Contrary to popular belief, Vinho Verde is not a grape variety, but a designation for wine production. The name evokes the essence of “green wine,” though more accurately translating to “young wine,” as it is released a mere three to six months after grape harvest.
Enter the Wickford White, affectionately known as the Vino Verde, a blend bursting with effervescence and joie de vivre. This vivacious libation showcases a symphony of grapes: 25% Azal, boasting the highest acidity levels, unleashes a cascade of zesty lemonade flavors; 25% Arinto, also dubbed “Pederna,” stands as Portugal’s premier white grape, offering succulent melon and radiant citrus undertones; 15% Alvarinho, akin to Spain’s Albariño, adds a touch of grapefruit zest and delicate floral whispers; 15% Trajadura, a beloved companion to Alvarinho, contributes depth with its pear-scented opulence and citrus blossom perfumes. And to crown this ensemble, we have the pièce de résistance: 20% Loureiro, affectionately hailed as “The Riesling of Portugal.”

Ideal as an aperitif or to our New England Seafood and also oriental dishes, such as sushi and sashimi, seafood in lemon sauces or salads with cheese such as Roquefort.

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