Gooseneck Vineyards Heritage Red Wine Bottle
Gooseneck Vineyards

Heritage Red Blend

Gooseneck Vineyards’ Heritage Red, racy and expressive at every sip, worthy to inspire heritage, framed by memories.

Gooseneck Heritage Red Blend starts with fresh aromas of sassy red fruits and indigenous Portuguese wild flowers. A luscious round mouthfeel of raspberries and blackberries, finishes with notes of spicy cedar and hints of vanilla. Racy and expressive at every sip, worthy to inspire heritage, framed by memories.

Portuguese wine is the result of traditions introduced to the region by ancient civilizations, such as the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, and mostly the Romans. Dating back to the 4th & 5th Century B.C., the traditions expressed in this wine are part of the world history, full of heritage that drinks deep.

Harvest started at the end of August and lasted until the middle of October, as steady temperatures produce the perfect environment for ripening. Slow low temperature fermentation for 24 hours allowed for full extraction of flavor followed by a submerged maceration, skin contact, that lasted for 28 days to provide structure and coloration. Small lot cuvee winemaking allowed for aging in American Oak barriques for 4-6 months to provide structure and balance.

Gooseneck Vineyards Heritage Red Blend is a luscious and robust red blend that allows for a beautiful discovery of an appellation that has deep rooted traditions. An enhancement for darker meats, firm cheeses, and hearty pasta dishes with heavy sauces.

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