Block Island Bound with Gooseneck Vineyards Wines

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Stepping off the Block Island Ferry is like stepping back in time. Streets are full of bicycles instead of cars. The movie theater is only open on rainy days. And good luck finding a chain hotel or restaurant – this is the land of the family business and tradition.

Some of our Block Island traditions…

Bicycling. The most popular mode of transportation is bicycles. There are tons of bike rental options that offer both daily and weekly rentals – and both quality and prices tend to be consistent. During high season a day’s rental will cost about $20. If you want to kayak or paddleboard, you’ll want to have a reservation in advance.

Piling Rocks. On every beach, you’ll discover pillars of carefully stacked round rocks. Your role: Add one to the top without toppling the masterpiece — and sometimes it really is a masterpiece.

Block Island Traditions

Seafood. Eli’s Restaurant is often called the best on the island. Lobster tails baked with scallop, shrimp, bacon, and apple stuffing, served with a mound of wild rice and vegetables? How can you go wrong? Portion sizes are huge, so grab dinner at Eli’s on one of your first nights, so you can enjoy the leftovers!
For seafood takeout, try Finn’s Seafood Restaurant in Old Harbor. At Finn’s, you cannot beat  the 1¼-pound lobster with corn on the cob ($17.95) – although the oyster bar is pretty incredible.

The Ice Cream Place. It really is THE place to get ice cream on Block Island. Grab a cone to enjoy in the beautiful gardens – or take a coffee break and enjoy some of the incredible baked goods.

GV_IceCreamPlace_BI_SSM_Aug16Breakfast at Ernie’s Old Harbor Restaurant. The back porch faces the harbor and the front porch is always packed. There is typically a long wait, but the pancakes are totally worth it. Or visit Topside Cafe and enjoy an incredible breakfast – and pick up a platter for lunch as well!

Happy Hour. Because there’s nothing like a glass of Gooseneck Vineyards Wines after a long day at the beach!