Jess Ann Kirby’s Guide to Newport, Rhode Island

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Jess Ann Kirby Newport Rhode Island Guide

The Best of What to See, Do, and Eat in Newport County

There are a lot of Newport, RI travel guides. Many will have the title of “An Insider’s Guide to Newport, RI” or “A Local’s Guide to Newport.” But according to Jessica Ann Kirby, none of them are actually written by a local. Which is why she spent 6 months creating her own Newport, RI travel guide. Jessica says Newport is funny. It’s a small community, but one that also hosts hundreds of thousands of tourists every summer. Growing up on the island as a fourth generation resident, many places hold cherished memories for Jess and her family. That’s why after leaving the island for 5 years to live in New York and Los Angeles, she knew there was only one place to return.

If you find yourself in Newport, RI, enjoy Jess’s guide to have as much fun visiting Newport, as she does living there.

Jessica Ann Kirby’s Newport, RI Guide, click here.

Follow more of her adventures on the island on instagram @jessannkirby