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6 Tips for a Winning Kentucky Derby Party

By May 5, 2016 March 4th, 2019 No Comments
How to Have an Awesome Party on Derby Day
The Kentucky Derby, is a two-day festival of fun and fabulousness. It’s also one of the hottest spring destinations for the horse-loving, preppy set. If you’re planning a Derby Party this year, we’ve put together a check list of six things you’ll need to make your party a winner!

1. Bourbon Beverages

Cocktails made from fine Kentucky Bourbon are all the rage at the Derby, which is why you should include at least one of the following bourbon cocktails on your drink list:
•Classic Mint Julep
•Whiskey Sour
•Bourbon Sweat Tea

2. Traditional Kentucky Dishes

Kentucky Burgoo, is a tasty tradition on Derby weekend. If you’re not up for making a big pot of burgoo, consider whipping up one of these classic Kentucky-inspired dishes:
•Kentucky Hot Brown
•Black-eyed Pea Salad
•Bourbon Pecan Pie

3. Style for Miles

Whatever you wear, the key is to bring your A-Game to this, the ultimate preppy party! So ladies flaunt fabulous hats and fascinators, and gents show off your preppy flair too! Find great Derby looks at Vineyard Vines for the Official Style of the 2016 Kentucky Derby.

4. Festive Flowers

A collar of red roses are what they typically drape on the winning horse, so roses are an ideal choice when planning floral arrangements and centerpieces to give your party the festive feel of a warm Kentucky afternoon.

5. Perfect Party Playlist

Your Derby party needs to have a playlist that reflects Southern swag and good times – think Little Big Town, Alabama Shakes, or anything that conjures up Memphis or Nashville. The Love List has a great Kentucky Derby party playlist on Spotify, or you can download “Party Up at the Downs”, the official Kentucky Derby playlist on iTunes.

6. Grown Up Racking Day Fun & Games

Racing day is all about placing your bets on a winner, whether it’s a sure thing, or a long shot. Derby Way blog has some fun wagering games that capture the spirit of the day, whether your horse wins, places, or shows!

Visit for more information on the races, and learn all about the history, traditions, and behind-the-scenes excitement of the oldest continuously running sporting event in the United States.