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Teaching Kids the Joys of Gardening…It’s Easy!
They say most kids love eating something they’ve helped prepare, especially those picky eaters in your house. Now imagine if they GROW the food too! Double win, right?

A garden is like a living classroom, and it’s also a wonderful way to get them outside and active. It won’t take much enticing because you already know how much they love to splash in water and dig in the dirt, which is why we’ve put together some handy tips for helping your little one cultivate a green thumb!

Reasons to Let Them Get Their Hands Dirty
Gardening with your children helps them:
•Develop an interest in math and science
•Learn about responsibility
•Become more environmentally aware

Excited by the idea of a garden, but not sure where to start? We can help you with that!

Choose the Right Plants
The folks at recommend choosing plants that have larger seeds – they’re easier to handle and won’t get lost by tiny hands. Some plants they recommend include:

•Green Beans
•Gourds (pumpkins, squash, watermelon)
•Sunflowers (great for attracting bees and butterflies, plus the seeds are great for your bird feeder)

Or if you prefer to jump start the process, look for seedling plants. You can find them at your local garden supply shop. They’re perfect for starting a window sill herb garden.

Where to Garden
Consider an easy-to-build raised garden bed in a sunny corner of your yard. And if you’re a city dweller, we’ve got you covered! Just use balcony space or a sunny location inside to start a container garden for growing herbs, lettuces, zucchini, or cherry tomatoes.
Find Kid-Sized Gear
Kids already love to dig in the dirt, so why not give them the right sized gear to them do it properly! Head over to where you can find a great selection of kid-sized gardening tools.

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Need More Great Gardening Tips?
You can always count on Pintrest, it’s a great resource for more kid-friendly gardening ideas from pros and parent alike!