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Tailgating: Gooseneck Style

By July 22, 2016 March 4th, 2019 No Comments
In most parts of the country, tailgating is associated with fall football games. While Gooseneck Wines are the perfect tailgating companion for any sporting event, here in New England, we have a different tradition: Tailgating at Newport Polo matches!
We brought along our favorite Gooseneck Wines for a casual tailgate with a side of Gooseneck! Looking to join the fun? Here are our top 5 tips for a successful Newport Polo Tailgate!

  1. Book early: Tailgating spots sell out almost immediately. Official spots need to be booked the day they go on sale! If you can’t get an official tailgating spot, you can always just get early with your general admission ticket and snag a spot to tailgate in the general admission area to set up your camp.
  2. Pack smart: Don’t forget the essentials! Along with your chairs and blankets, don’t forget the other essentials, like a corkscrew, bottle opener, trash bags, matches (if grilling), plenty of napkins and wet ones, and paper goods.
    If you feel like being fancy, go for it! But a chilled bottle of Gooseneck Prosecco tastes perfect whatever your glass looks like:
    Gooseneck Prosecco Polo
  3. Plan ahead so you don’t get stuck behind the grill! For dinner, try cheese trays and other easy-to-eat nibbles. Then for dinner, lay out a selection of green and pasta salads that can be served cold and grill up quick-cook items like shrimp and pre-cooked chicken sausages.
  4. Bring lawn games: Before and after the match, the polo field is open to all! Folks bring soccer balls, cornhole, bocce and more to pass the time before the action begins.
  5. Don’t leave early: you’ll miss important traditions, like high-fives, the victory toast and mingling with players after the game!


Happy tailgating from Gooseneck Wines!