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Traveling with Kids

By May 21, 2014 March 4th, 2019 No Comments
Traveling with kids by Gooseneck Vineyards
We are going to Florida for the Memorial day weekend. A huge part of me is so excited, but an even bigger part is absolutely terrified. A toddler and an infant on an airplane! When I traveled by plane with 2 months old Ben, he had one of the biggest poops in flight. Of course, as I made my way to the airplane bathroom for the diaper change, the pilot turned on the seat belt sign because of heavy turbulence. I must confess, as a woman who used to ride a racing motorcycle to work and can fly airplanes, changing a newborn in an airplane bathroom with heavy turbulence is what made me feel like a superwoman.

Here are a few tips that hopefully make your next trip with kids a little easier:

Give yourself time
Even if you have the pass through the quick security check (they do have those!), everything with kids takes just a little bit longer. There are also unpredictables like looking for your kid’s favorite blanket that somehow got dropped along the way.

Be prepared
It’s not just snacks you have to pack. What time will you be arriving at your destination? What will be open (or not) at the time you arrive? When you start thinking about all these things, you might need something bigger than a diaper bag. Consider a carry on suitcase to fit changes of clothes (for you and for them), entertainment, plenty of diapers, lots and lots of wipes, hand sanitizer, travel size soap for baby bottles, medicine, etc.

Plan ahead
Nap time is your friend when traveling. If possible, try to be on the plane when your child usually takes his/her nap. Avoid red eye flights and early morning/ late evening flights. Those are hard enough on grown ups!

Don’t bring everything you own
Find out about local baby rental companies. They deliver everything from toys and strollers to juices and food. Also check the local weather report and pack only what you need for yourself. After you packed your stuff, take some clothes out and pack extra for the kids. Just in case.

Once you’re at your destination, you can relax and pour a well-deserved glass (or two) of your favorite wine. Best to have two. After all, there’s the return flight to think about.