5 Tips for Creating a Smooth Morning Routine

By October 14, 2016 March 4th, 2019 No Comments
If your mornings are full of frazzled rushing that have you starting your day frustrated and tired, maybe its time for a change! Adding just a few simple steps to your morning routine can make a huge difference.
One of the habits that many successful people have in common is a productive morning routine. Obviously, you need to find the unique routine that works for you and your life, but Liana has a few great tips to help you get your morning in order.

  1. Your morning starts the night before. Pack lunches, lay out clothes and try to get to bed early so that you can start your day ahead of the game.
  2. Think about what you need to do (shower, breakfast, start laundry) and what you want to do (meditation, exercise). Add up the total time it will take so you know how much time you need and, roughly, what time you should be waking up in the morning. Make sure your morning expectations are grounded in the reality of having enough time to do them!
  3. Try to get up before the kids so you can get ready and have a few minutes to enjoy a cup of coffee before the day begins.
  4. Start your kids early with their own routines: making the bed, getting dressed, brushing teeth. Leave enough time for them to do things on their own – it takes longer, but it will set the entire family up for easier mornings later on. Even if the 3-year-old can’t really make the bed, he can do his best and begin a good habit.
  5. Create a mental time buffer. I set the time to leave the house in my head half an hour before we actually have to leave. This way, I am not frustrated by little set-backs because I have a buffer built in.
  6. Finally, don’t let imperfection throw your entire day off. Things will not go as you want them – especially with kids. As they say in tennis, it’s all about the next shot. Forget the spilled milk or missed bus and move on with your day!
The whole point of a routine is that it becomes like a natural rhythm to you. This is what makes your mornings so much smoother! After a bit, you’ll settle into a routine that works for you!