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Create the Special Moment Dinner Challenge

By February 12, 2021 March 16th, 2021 No Comments

What are some of your favorite memories? For us, Paul and Liana, those memories are of a great meal, friends & family, and of course wine – wine that can transport you to a different part of the world with just a hint of an aroma.
Yet, if we enjoy these moments so much, why is it so often we rush through meals, often on the go, ready to move to the next task on our agenda?
Today, we join our Gooseneck Vineyards Vermont Brand Ambassador, Megan Liljedahl, who wants to challenges us all to “eat dinner differently”, even if it’s just for one evening.

Megan Liljedahl’s February 2019 challenge

P.S. One of the magical things about including wine into a special moment is that the wine aroma’s stay in your brain and can later be triggered to bring back a happy memory.