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Spring Cleaning Tips

By April 30, 2014 March 4th, 2019 No Comments
Spring Cleaning Tips from Gooseneck Vineyards
It’s Spring.
Time to store the snow jackets and open up the windows. It’s also time to do some heavy duty Spring cleaning. It’s not one of our favorite things to do either, but this yearly task must get done. Here are some helpful tips for your Spring cleaning.

Getting Rid of Clutter
Before you become one of those hoarders on the TV show, make a plan to get rid of your clutter. They make it look easy on the TV too, don’t they? But really, it’s all about volume control. When you’re getting rid of your clutter, make three piles- Can Sell, Donate, Toss Away. In the end, it will feel great to be free of some items.

It can get very hot on the East Coast. If you try cleaning a window when it’s hot, you might as well dump the window cleaner down the drain. Hot windows will cause the cleaner to evaporate and leave streaks. Before you clean the window, touch it. Is it hot? If so, then wait until the morning or late afternoon when it’s not scorching hot outside.

Who thinks of cleaning their pillows? They are to be slept on and forgotten until they are old and lifeless. That’s usually when we remember the cleaning tag. This Spring cleaning, stick them in the washing machine. Wash them separately from your unmentionables in the gentle cycle with warm water and a mild detergent. Then dry your pillows in moderate heat. If you have down feathered pillows, washing machines are not your friends! Wash them gently by hand in warm water and line dry.

If you’re known for your Holiday pies, you probably need to deep clean your oven this Spring cleaning. The easiest way to clean an oven is to turn it on. Turn it on to low (about 250 degrees F) for 10 to 15 minutes. Spray some oven cleaner and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Wait until it cools. Then scrub, scrub, scrub and rinse it off with a sponge.

Make it a Family Affair
If your kids are old enough, get them to help. A family that cleans together, stays together. It might seem easier to do it all yourself, but think of what you’re teaching your kids. Even if they are reluctant, you are teaching them valuable lessons in organization and cleanliness. Throw in some music and a reward system, and Spring cleaning can be a fun family affair.

And you know what’s the best part about spring cleaning? Hard work deserves a reward. When you are done, pour yourself a nice glass of Gooseneck wine (or two) and enjoy….