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3 Ways Wine Reduces Stress Better Than Your Anxiety Pills

By August 13, 2014 March 4th, 2019 No Comments
Reduce Stress with Gooseneck Wines
It’s back-to-school season. The summer is ending. No more vacations to plan, or barbecues to be had. It’s a sad time for all of us as we wave goodbye to a less worry-free life. That’s why wine is such a beautiful thing. Even when we’re in the thick of work meetings and diaper changing, we know that after a glass of wine, our stress levels will lower. Does wine really reduce stress? Or is it our imagination?

Chilling (and we don’t mean white wine)
When we drink wine, we are not chasing after kids or ferociously typing on a computer. Most of the time, we are relaxing at home, surrounded by people who care about us and the beautiful things we have bought. We are sitting down, chilling in the instant relief that sipping wine brings.

Doctor, Doctor
The good doctors tell us that wine indeed reduces stress. It’s a depressant that calms your nervous system. The trick is not drinking too much wine. We know it’s hard especially after a glass of our Gooseneck Pinot Grigio, but having “more than you should” can impair your sleep. One to two glasses of wine is recommended for wine to do its stress relieving job.

Eating a yummy meal with a glass of wine is truly priceless. Dinner time usually involves people you love and who love you back. Stress is substituted with happy conversations, good feelings, and positive thoughts. The only problem you should have at dinner is whether you should have seconds or not.

Next time you are feeling the stress, pour yourself a glass of wine and take yourself to a happier place. Cheers!