Lunch Ideas Your Kids Will Eat

By August 26, 2016 March 4th, 2019 No Comments
Believe it or not, summer is almost over! Now instead of lazy picnics on the beach, we’re back to packing lunches and chasing the school bus.

In honor of the first day of school, we’re sharing four delicious lunch ideas that your kids will love!

Lunch 1: Cheese and Crackers! Add pepperoni for extra protein and some of fresh veggies.


Lunch 2: Turkey Sushi! Take a tortilla and cover with turkey slices. Cut cucumber and avacado into skinny, long pieces, then roll like sushi! Get creative – really any combo of meats, cheese and veggies work great!


Lunch 3: Breakfast for Lunch! Waffles with syrup for dipping (use a small container to contain the sticky!) with a hard boiled egg and fruit salad. YUM!


Lunch 4: Taco Tuesday! Cut up some of last night’s steak or chicken, roll up a tortilla and add your kiddo’s favorite toppings for a fun DIY lunch.


Happy Back-to-School, Everyone!