No-Cook Happy Hour

By September 5, 2016 March 4th, 2019 No Comments

Don’t hesitate to invite friends over for happy hour on impulse. All you need is a 15-minute duck into the grocery store and shop your pantry!

First stop by the cheese shop and pick up a variety of cheeses – gouda, cheddar, blue… whatever floats your boat! Pair with some salamis and soppressata and a variety of crackers.

Then, hit the olive bar for some Mediterranean treats like fresh hummus and eggplant tapenade! Roasted garlic, artichokes, red peppers and some olives pair great with hummus and pita chips.

Raid your pantry for some nuts, maybe add some chips and you’re ready to go.

Open a few bottles of Gooseneck Wines and enjoy!

No-cook feast with Gooseneck Wines