Step Up Your Veggie Meal Game

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Gooseneck Vineyards | Veggie Meals
It’s Easy with These Tasty Recipe Ideas
Loaded with complex carbs for sustained energy (vs. the oh-so-yummy-but-evil simple carbs of bread, chips, and starches – which pack on the pounds), vegetables are a no brainer when it comes to healthful eating. But they can be a little underwhelming when looking for interesting recipe ideas. Fear not, we’ve got you on this, or at least the food editors at Food 52 do, with these tasty recipe ideas!

•Dandelion Greens Salad
•Asparagus with Spring Garlic Pesto
•Spring Vegetable Jumble
•Spring Pea and Crab Pancakes

Get your kids in on this too (even if they say they hate their veggies). Say hello, to your new best friend, the spiral vegetable slicer. It will turn most hard and semi-hard vegetables (carrots, beets, sweet potatoes, zucchini) into tasty noodles that can be cooked like pasta or eaten raw.