Tips for Easy Dinner Cleanup

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Cooking dinner for a family is a big job – make your life a little easier by making cleanup a breeze!

  • Clean-up as you go: Use the time while you’re cooking to clean up from all the prep. Most dishes need to simmer or bake for awhile – use that time to clean up all your prep work and then after your meal, you’ll just have to deal with the dishes.
  • Use serving dishes: It may seem like this means more dishes to clean, but it really does save time. By using serveware (instead of serving out of the pot or pan) you can presoak your pots during dinner, cutting down after dinner cleanup.
  • One pot meals are your friends: Get to know them. Well.
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  • Don’t forget the slow cooker: The easiest clean up ever – especially if you use a crock pot liner!
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