Red Wine Brownies

Why even add red wine and cranberries to brownies? Brownies are pretty much a perfect food already, right? But when you consider how well chocolate and red wine go together,…
September 10, 2018

Amazing Apple Recipes for Fall

Not much says "fall" more than warm apple pie or hot apple cider! Whether you're grabbing them from the local farmers market or baking them from scratch, you can't go…
September 9, 2018

Red Wine Chili

Chili may be a perfect winter meal! It has loads of veggies and protein, can be made in advance and you can customize it to fit your family's tastes.  My…
September 8, 2018

Autumn Cobb Salad

When you're looking for a great fall recipe, you tend to think soups or chili. But what about turning a classic summer favorite into a fall feast? With a few…
September 7, 2018
Wine Tips

Autumn Sangria

Looking for something new and fresh to make for fall? Try some sangria! The flavors of fall explode in this autumn-themed sangria, with Gooseneck Vineyards Rioja, apple cider, apples and…
September 5, 2018

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